Josh Engebretson

Torque Game Engine

Atomic Game Engine / uWebKit / Keynote Demonstrations / Contraption Maker / Minions of Mirth / Retail Games

I was extremely active in the Torque Game Engine community.  I released many resources including Python scripting, physics and graphics extensions, and embedded browser technology.

I also released the full source of the distributed MMO client and server architecture from the Torque powered indie MMO “Minions of Mirth”.  The red dragon in the splash screen below is from the game and still makes me happy that it is there.

I was hired by GarageGames to work on core Torque technology.  I later joined GarageGames friends at The Engine Company, where my primary responsibility was designing and implementing LoomScript, an ActionScript 3 based language that borrows assemblies, reflection, and delegates from C#