Josh Engebretson

Minions of Mirth – MMOWorkshop

Atomic Game Engine / uWebKit / Keynote Demonstrations / Contraption Maker / Torque Game Engine / Retail Games

I founded Prairie Games with my wife Lara in 2003 where we created the indie MMO Minions of Mirth.  I designed the game and wrote the distributed MMO server backend, ecommerce, GM tooling, gameplay/modding systems, and persistent world extensions for the Torque Game Engine based zone server/client.

Minions of Mirth was shipped simultaneously on Windows and Mac after a 11 month development cycle in December 2005.  In 2007, Apple featured and hosted Minions of Mirth and the game had well over 100k registered players. MoM is a “cult hit” and Prairie Games continues to operate it over a decade after it’s launch.

I later generalized the MMO technology and released it under the MIT license.  I also created the MMOWorkshop website to evangelize and help other indies realize their dream of building an MMO. The technology was used and greatly expanded on by our friends at Mad Otter Games in “Villagers and Heroes”, which is available on Android and Steam