Josh Engebretson

First Game Engine and Retail Titles

Atomic Game Engine / uWebKit / Keynote Demonstrations / Contraption Maker / Torque Game Engine / Minions of Mirth

I was a founding member and the Technical Director of Canopy Games.  Where I wrote my first game engine including 3ds Max level editing and animation toolchain. I also wrote single and multiplayer gameplay and worked closely with artists to streamline production workflow.

The engine technology was used in major brand licensed games including Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, and Hot Rod with Activision, THQ, Infogrames, WizardWorks, and Valusoft publishing.

There were also purely creative endeavors with “Desert Rats” which received a 7.3 on GameSpot and was a “good example of a budget game done right”. Also, my personal favorite, “I was an Atomic Mutant” a love note to 50’s B Sci-fi movies.

Canopy Games, an independent game studio, shipped over 11 retail box titles.